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I don't know what the hell the Man Utd. fans are whinging about. I think it'll be good for them. Man Utd have gone a bit stale over the last year or two and some new direction might help them out. They've always had the opinion that they are the best team in the world. Maybe this was the case a few years ago but things have changed.


Arsenal managed to go unbeaten through the whole of the previous season. They had a bit of a poor run in the middle of this season but we have some amazing young players that are growing into the team and proving to be amazing talents. Chelsea have brought in some new talent to the team (Drogba, Peter Cech etc.) but their existing players have also grown this season. John Terry and Frank Lampard have done amazingly this season and fully deserve the attention they are getting. None of Man Utd's players have consitently shone this season and it's hit them badly.


So yeah, Man Utd. need to do a bit of the "old with the old, in with the new" kind of thing. So I welcome Glazer's takeover. He's done great over in the US - what's to stop him doing the same over here too?

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From what I've heard, the problem is this:


Glazer's success in the US was taking over a smaller team, relatively cheaply, and building it up.


In the case of Man Utd, he needs hundreds of millions. What he's trying to do is to get 75% of the shares, so he can take Utd off the stock exchange. Then he can take the debt he made for buying all those shares and transfer it to Man Utd, with the assets of the club as collateral (I think that's the term...).


So whereas Abramovic paid off all the debts for Chelsea, Glazer is causing a financially healthy club (no debt at all right now) to go into a major debt (I believe it's about 300 million). So they won't have the money to buy anything.


Makes you really wonder what his plans are. Anyone know?

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Glazer took over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Hugh Culverhouse like 10 years ago. The Bucs were a perenial losers since their inception in 1976. Glazer basically got out of the way and allowed his GM John McKay to make some smart moves, pick up some monsters on Defense and John Grunden as a Head Coach. They won the Super Bowl a couple of 3 years back. He made his money in real estate. All my inlaws live in Tampa. My wife said that his son's are all dorks who are ugly as sin, and walk around all cocky because their pops has major coin.



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The big news is of course Malcolm Glazer trying to take over the biggest sports franchise in the world. Will he be the new Abramovic? Or will he destroy the club?



The difference between Chelsea and Man Utd :


- Supporters : Man Utd supporters are from working-classes and they have 18% of their club. So I understand why supporters don't really like him and if people don't like him, why would he stay there ?

Moreover Man Utd is a succesful club ( Less than Chelsea Now tongue.gif ) before he came.

Glazer lives in USA, he can't really be close to them.


Chelsea hasn't won anything for long years, so changement can only be good + the club was owned by another multimillionaire. Supporters are most from the upper middle class

Abramovic lives in London, come to match every week.


- The Business man : Abramovic has spent like 300 m$ to buy best players around the world, best coach and best president ( Peter Kenyon ) and he didn't talk about profit whereas Glazer did although he didn't win anything.



To my mind Glazer is just interesting by making money and isn't a really sport fan ( soccer particular ) whereas Abramovic wants to win cups and has pleasure

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Jacques - Chelsea are not even close to being as successful as Man Utd yet. They are still the only club to win the Premiership two years on a trot. Plus they are famous world over. Everywhere you go you can find Man Utd. merchandise. You don't see that for Chelsea yet.


Peter Kenyon, best director? I don't think so. Seems more like a puppet being controlled to me. he was at Man Utd. before Chelsea and he didn't do anything fantastic there (well not in this millenium anyway).

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Your both senteces mean the opposite.


Man Utd is famous over the world and you can find Man Utd merchandise because they had a good director wink.gif , result don't do all.



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