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I've added something that may bug a few of you.  I added it so I can take the complaints so Eliteone doesn't have to. 

The site will not ask you to turn off your adblocker while you are here.  This needs to be done so hopefully the site can help pay for things via ads. 

It wasn't the first choice but seriously everyone it's not fair for Eliteone to keep covering the site at her expense. 

If you all don't want to even give up one Starbuck's coffee to help out then you're going to have to look at some ads. 

If the goal starts getting met then the ads can come off along with the turning off of the adblockers. 

We'll see what ends up happening. 

It is sad that people pop in here to get their game going again, grab the media even if they've never purchased the game but don't seem to give a rat's arse if the site is paid for by mostly one person recently. 

If you want to comment you can do so  by clicking   THIS


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