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This message is primarily for Eliteone, but I'd also like to mention something to the community. I have completed my first custom map for DD sometime back in September or October, but I haven't been able to release it to the community due to problems where the map would freeze the server. I wanted to try and fix this problem before releasing it and so far 3 months later the verdict on my map fixes are still unknown. I as well as Metal have hosted it on our own PCs online and it works great, but I have no idea if it will continue to fail on the SFI servers. Bella and Elite had graciously agreed to test my map on the server with the fixes that I made, but I'm still waiting on the results.


I am making this subject public because I hope that by doing so this will get Elite's attention and hopefully get her to respond. I have sent her multiple PMs and have gotten no replies, so I have no idea if/when it will get done. I know that Elite logs on here from time to time, so hopefully Elite you are reading this and you will get back to me when you have time. :)


I'm only posting this because I really would like to release the final cut of my map before this year is over, and so far the rate that this is going it will be done by next November. If any other clans would like to help me out by testing my map on their servers so I can tell if I fixed the problem, I would be more than thankful. I'm not sure if this was just a problem with SFI's server or just strictly my map, but I hope to find out that answer eventually.


Thanks for your time whoever is reading this.

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Erm....sent a request to you for certain files (parts of them anyhow) and never received them. I need the line of text your map adds to the DDmissions.txt.


Send that to me and then I'll be able to help you.


Shouldn't however "blame me" for you map delay. Most mappers release their maps when they feel they are done ;)

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Thank you for the response. No, I never got any request from you so I still don't know what files you need exactly.


I did however find the string text that you were looking for. Here it is in bold:




NameStr="KNIX's Raceway (8-16 Players)"




BTW, I never and will never blame you for my map delays and/or problems. You didn't cause my map to not work right on your server, so how would it be your fault even if I blamed you? I am not most mappers, which I'm proud of by the way, so I'm not going to release it until I'm happy with it. Even if nobody likes it or it never gets played that often, I'd still like to present a map worth the effort and time. Please don't misunderstand me, I appreciate everything you and Bella are trying to do for me. I just haven't heard from you in quite a while and I wasn't getting any replies, so I had to make a post. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you move this along.


Thanks again!

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Thanks mom, love you! :D


By the way, I tested it the map and it works. Awesome, the problem got fixed. Thanks again Elite, I appreciate it. I'll probably release the final cut of this map (because I have and am currently rapping up some final tweaks that I've made) in a couple of days. Be sure I will give you and Elite the your credit in this. :)


Okay, I'm off to work on finishing this stuff up.

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Mom? :unsure:


I put a second map (stock one) to see if you had rotation issues. I assume you checked that too?


Yeah, you were sounding like my mom for a second with the whole "get busy and test it" bit.


Yeah I tested it. I played both maps, played through them a little, and ended the DD devices to make sure it changed maps correctly for good measure.


That's Bella's title! How dare you!??


Hey Metal, how bout you SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ...and before you say anything, let me just give you a preemptive SHHHHHHHHHH! I have a whole bag of SHHHHHHHHHHHH with your name on it. J/K Metal, but not really. :lol:

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Okay, just wanted to add that the map I linked up above is NOT the final version. So if you downloaded it (which some people have) just realize that that it is not the final cut.


I'll be sure to post when it is finished however, which should be hopefully by the end of this week.



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