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Lag like H***


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Hmm which server was it?

I saw your clan have a homemade server up....

with more than 4 people they all lag....

On the other side i heard a speed hack makes the game lag

if you don't use it with the smooth-groovy-cheat

thats what i heard B)

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It is wise to reboot your cable or dsl modem on a weekly basis. Also if you are connected to a wireless router you may need to reboot & reset the router. I doubt it's the game itself or the isp.

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Hmm do u have a webcam connected smudge? I've heard that having a webcam running while playing or doing other things can cause lag too. :)

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You're probably going to lag no matter what because:


1) Don't you live in Australia or somewhere around there? Yeah, your connection is doomed.


2) It's NOLF2, lag is a given. You lag no matter what; that's just part of the joyous game. :(


BTW, reinstalling I seriously doubt will have an adverse effect on your computer's performance of the software. For one thing, when you install a game it usually makes changes to registry files on your operating system that can't be undone very easily unless you reformat or restore your hard drive. That's why I use Norton Ghost, because it's the best thing ever. :mml: Backup whenever your comp is running well, then if it starts acting crappy again...just restore it back. Simple, easy, and fast.

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