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Recording nolf2

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Hi all nolf lovers :happy1: i have a problem: how can i use fraps or other recording program to stand still or get a overview camera (maybe up in a corner) ?? Take a look on this video and you will see: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=HYVpPJijepY just few clips in it though when u look all runs together...


Is there a special program?

Would it help if i make own server, and I host it in Spectate mode???


plz give me answar: i know someone can this ^^ :happy1: :happy1: :angel: :angel:



<3 Smudge b0y

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I believe there was a spectator mod put out for NOLF 2 (not 100% on this)


If you had a server running it you could "spectate" the action.



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My mod Weapons-04, has a spectator mode named "Free cam mode", hit F12 to enable it on the respawn screen. You can also disable the HUD with F11 at anytime during normal game play.


Also, Dan made a spectator mod at The site that shall not be named.

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