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Subbing or dubbing?

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Being very, very old, I've seen quite a few movies dubbed well, dubbed badly, subbed well and subbed badly (one even with the use of a lichtkrant - no idea what the English word is for that). And, with that, I still think the way the Dutch do it is best; dubbing for the little kids who can't read yet and subbing for everyone else.


To summarise:

Arguments for subtitles:

- keeps the original voices, as they were meant by the creators

- not adapted to cultural sensitivities of audiences (Japanese kids with American attitudes)

- voices are timed perfectly with facial movements (unlike with dubbing)

- no two actors with same voice

- helps language skills


Arguments for dubbing:

- you don't have to read


But then why do I still find so many dubbed movies?

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ARGH i used to find this HIGHLY IRRITATING in Spain !! :angry::angry::angry:


They dub everything into spanish. and not very well... Spanish women generally seem to have quite husky, not-so-femine voices. So at times, unless you can see someone's mouth moving, you couldn't tell who was speaking!! :wacko:


Subtitles all the way!! i found it quite useful to pick up some spanish phrases.

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I prefer subs 100%; lol i hate dubbing more than anything else.. they did it in Croatia when i was there, every single friggin program, dubbed! :blink: honestly.... it was drivin me nuts.


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Well here there were pretty good dubbing, in contrast to everything else. :blink:

But lately I'll say that dubbing sucks.

And besides, there's internet and you can get DVD's of the most stuff, that get dubbed or subbed. (Amazon I mean etc.)

Unless you don't know the lnguage then. I'll say dubbing. :huh:

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In germany, there is dubbing only. Hardly ever you find subbed movies on TV. It's pretty handy cause you dont have to read subs (I was rly slow at that just untill a few years ago, so i missed half of the dialogue when there was a subbed movie) and you can concentrate on what's happening in the movie and not spending all the time reading what was said (too funny in Belgrade, where in Cinemas all movies are subbed, but i try watching the movie without reading the serbian subs... so sometimes i start laughing about a second earlier than everyone else in the cinema, cause i'm listening while they are reading, haha :D )

Sometimes the dubbing voice is nicer than the original voice too. For example i prefer the former german voice of Marge Simpson (Elisabeth Volkmann, who died last year, sadly) to the american or the new german voice of Marge Simpson (Anke Engelke, who tries to make Marge sound like the american original). And Bruce Willis sounds way better in German than in English too :P (If im not wrong, Willis and Tommy Lee Jones have the same dubbing voice in germany)


After all, i like subbing better than dubbing, cause except those two exceptions, the original voices of the actors are far better than the dubbed ones and the movies appear to be more RL like than when they are dubbed.

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yeas sure u got good points there m8, btw dubbing brought some traumatic voice compared to the character into my mind ^^ i mean ive seen many horrible & failed dubbings, but this had to be one of the worst; when i was in Croatia 2 or 3 years ago, everything was dubbed there, then on one morning i happened to see this one cartoon show, there was raccoons, lions, monkeys etc animals speakin wit diff voices, the speaking on diff animals had been done pretty well, ( u kno that the dubbed talk and the movement of the mouth stopped usually at the same times and so on) except for 1; there was this youngster elephant (=non grown-up) who had a voice of a deathmetal singer or somethin, haha, like it was wayy to shallow n scary voice for a cartoon, and didnt match wit anythin at all :lol: lol it was sad

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