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SFI Masquerade Server


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I arranged a special Halloween type event for SFI this Sunday, which sadly wasn't able to happen because of me, but I'm opening the server up to everyone here at Unity to enjoy for the next couple days.


I invite everyone to enter the SFI Masquerade server in a costume (skin) of their choice and a Halloween themed name. If you want to guess who people are, you can post here about it. Clan tags aren't required but check with your clan about it before taking it off.


The server is a mix of custom and regular maps with a playing time of 15 minutes.


The password is trickortreat


Enjoy!! :alien2::matrix::Gcylon::sorcerer::aarambo::2handed::turtle::devilsmiley::ninja:

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why did my post get deleted here -.-


again then: Good stuff there :D I'll be there muhahah :):axeman::aikido::bashing:

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No post was deleted... any deleted post ends up in the trash bin and there's nothing there. I'm not sure what's going on... it must be those Halloween spirits stealing them? :unsure:

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