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Dear Bella,

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Can you advise on how can I take a decent pic of myself? The mobile phone's camera isn't that "advanced", I always get pictuures with lot of noise. The web cam ain't much better either.. so I was thinking to get a better digital camera...

I wonder if you can redirect me to a good camera manufacturer or a certain model. Any ideas? :unsure:

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Yeah, that is a good idea, but transferring photos from the camera directly to the PC would be much more easier than scanning pic after pic, which has to be taken to a photo printing studio in most cases unless u have something to do that for you, but this will be as expensive as a digital camera too.

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From my experience (limited) the more pixels the camera has the better the quality photos. I use a 6million pixel camera, and have been quite happy with the results. Previously a 3.2million pixel camera was not always so well defined (i guess the "noise" you were talking about). I think you can pick up such 6million pixel cameras for about £60, which is not so bad :)

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Right, I hear photography ^^ .


This megapixel shiat is just bs. 6mp is just fine and you wont find lower than 5 mp anymore. Its the size of the CMOS or sensor of the camera that matters. Bigger sensor = more space for the pixels = less noise ;)


Im a big fan of canon (nikon for DMR) and I use a Canon Powershot A620. and I got an a550 as backup.

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a570IS would be a good chose, 200€ (might be a bit more expencive in bulgaria since electronics are relatively cheap here, yaay :) )






About this would be the quality you get :)

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