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I just came across Emmy Rossum's 'Slow Me Down' and I'm totally captivated by it. I don't know if there are any instruments in the background or if it's just her voice but it's beautiful.




Oh, she was in the Phantom of the Opera movie.


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To elaborate a bit, many people seem to think that 'world music' should stay traditional, like something that needs to be preserved. Of course, there is room for some of that. But it also makes it a dead language. I think you should move it forward. M.I.A. is a good example, merging traditional imageray with grafitti aesthetics in her art and hip hop with traditional bollywood sounds. Elsewhere, a lot of interesting things are happening as well, from the

of Gogol Bordello, to the
of Manu Chao. Maybe
? Or maybe even
? There's interesting stuff everywhere, you just need to get out there and find it rather than letting the marketing machine feed you... Edited by [TNT] Sonic Goo
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NO GOO, NO! M.I.A. is just WRONG. it's like someone put bollywood, a hindu festival, disco fever, sequins and a plethora of drugs you should say no to, in a big bag and recorded it.

ears bleeding everywhere...help!



The Indian side of me agrees with you... However, the American side of me is fascinated by the "Jimmy" video :lol: .

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