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Simple change for better PVP balance at all levels

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With PVP crit damage getting to the realms of the absurd, and healers being nearly unkillable at same gear 1v1 and often require a large group to burn down heavy healers, I propose two balance changes. First Resilience gets a large buff to reduce the ability to 1-3 shot somebody with comparable gear or within about a 15% difference. That way having stronger gear will still give you heavy hitting base damage but prevent the game breaking super crits. The reason I did not say toughness is this would lessen the need to acquire stronger gear. Now buffing resilience considerably will make healers even stronger especially healers who can heal their entire bar with any single skill, so to counteract that the second change should be to reduce healers ability to self heal only, somewhere along the 50-60% reduced self heals area. this way healers can keep each other and the rest of the raid alive without change but would reduce their 1v1 and last man standing survive-ability. A side effect of these changes would make coordination in raids more of a requirement.

In conclusion buffing resilience and reducing self heals effectiveness we can greatly improve the raid v raid and 1v1 pvp while preserving the effectiveness of high gear without allowing class differences to allow an absurd level of disparity in similar/same gear level PVP.

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