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What's the biggest bottleneck while multiboxing? How can I run more sessions?

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I have a notebook, Dell Latitude E6430, i7 3rd gen, 8gb ddr3 and NVIDIA NVS 5200M, 1tb hdd, that I use to run the alts, .

When I log a 3rd client is when I being to see that the performance start to take a hit, with a 4th client, the game becomes plagued with stuttering.

I have noticed that the cpu nearly never goes above 30% on load, memory with 3 windows open is a little above 6gb, with 4 windows, 8gb, full ram consumption.

So, my question is the following, what is the biggest bottleneck there, is it really only ram? Maybe the video card, processor seems very unlikely.

I would like to run more sessions, a simple (but expensive) upgrade from the current 8gb of ram to 16gb of ram, would that really allow me to run even more sessions? Maybe 6-7?

PS: Running everything in low, w/ default appearances, multithread off and max fps at 30.

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