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Better Than a Valentine: Lovely Loot & Regrade Event Now Available

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Celebrate the season of love with a boost to regrades, Valentine’s treats, a foxy new mount, and more.

Moonlight Kitsu Mount

See the sites with that special someone from the back of the lovely new Moonlight Kitsu. It can be found in the Moonlight Kitsu Crate, or in the Marketplace for loyalty!
  • Moonlight Kitsu - 650 Loyalty
  • Moonlight Kitsu Helm - 50 Loyalty
  • Moonlight Kitsu Saddle - 60 Loyalty
  • Moonlight Kitsu Legguards - 65 Loyalty


The Moonlight Kitsu Crate (450 credits) can possibly include the following items:
  • Common Drops:
    • Sunlight/Moonlight/Starlight Archeum Crystal
    • Green Regrade Charm

  • Uncommon Drops:
    • Sunpoint/Moonpoint/Starpoint
    • Blue Regrade Charm
    • Green Regrade Charm
    • Sunlight/Moonlight/Starlight Archeum Essence

  • Rare Drops:
    • Glider Wingmaker Scroll
    • Yellow Regrade Charm
    • Red Regrade Charm
    • Lucky Sunpoint/Moonpoint
    • Superior Red Regrade Charm
    • Wrapped Migration Scale
    • Astral Lunadrop: Gale, Earth, Wave, Life, Fire
    • Superior Yellow Regrade Charm
    • Prime Weapon/Armor Temper
    • Wrapped Skillsaver Pendant
    • Wrapped Moonlight Kitsu Mount

  • Very Rare Drops:
    • Resplendent Armor Temper
    • Resplendent Weapon Temper
    • Wrapped Serendipity Stone
    • Duun’s Blessing

Valentine's Day Inspired Cosmetics

Starting on February 14th and running through March 1st, fulfill your hearts desire to decorate your plot with these lovely pieces of Valentine's Day inspired items! And if you're looking to share the love, kill 'em with kindness using these romantic weapon skins.

  • Wrapped Rustic Valentine's Furniture Bundle
  • Trysting Tent
  • Cupid's Fireworks
  • Romantic Campfire
  • Lovers' Log Bench
  • Blossom Bulwark
  • Fragrant Fencer
  • Garland Greatsword
  • Bouquet Blade
  • Nosegay Nodachi
  • Backstab Boutonniere
  • Perennial Poker
  • Perennial Pike
  • Sweet Sprinkle Scepter
  • Sweet Sprinkle Staff
  • Marshmallow Masher
  • Marshmallow Maul
  • Chocolate Chopper
  • Bonbon Beheader
  • Sugarshot Bow
  • Macaron Mandolin
  • Floral Flute


Regrade Event

The community has been very vocal about wanting a Regrade Event, so here it is! You’ll receive a 2x bonus to succeed on your item regrades between Rare and Celestial. Regrades at Celestial won't be destroyed upon failure, but will be downgraded instead.

Dungeon Gear Regrade Chance
  • Arcane 67.5% increased to 100%
  • Heroic 67.5% increased to 100%
  • Unique 47.3% increased to 94.6%

Crafted Gear Regrade Chance
  • Arcane 50% increased to 100%
  • Heroic 50% increased to 100%
  • Unique 35% increased to 70%

Obsidian Gear Regrade Chance
  • Arcane 32.5% increased to 65%
  • Heroic 32.5% increased to 65%
  • Unique 22.8% increased to 45.6%

This bonus will disappear after next week's maintenance downtime, so make sure to get all of your regrade attempts in!

Loyalty Items Being Retired

They had a good run, but it's time to let these memorable Loyalty items kick up their feet for a while.
  • Celestial Kitsu Legguards/Saddle/Helm
  • Celestial Kitsu
  • Dread Steed Legguards/Saddle/Helm
  • Dread Steed
  • Typhoon Legguards/Saddle/Helm
  • Typhoon Drake
  • Manticore Legguards/Saddle/Helm
  • Manticore
  • Golden Tick-Tock Legguards
  • Black Blazer Rabbit Saddle
  • Golden Tick-Tock Top Hat
  • Lord Cottontail
  • Narrow Goblin-Skin Spiked Fence
  • Goblin-Skin Spiked Fence
  • Goblin-Skin Spiked Gate
  • Goblin-Skin Streetlamp
  • Crooked Goblin-Skin Lantern
  • Goblin-Skin Lantern
  • Shayeera
  • Dark Shaman’s Raiment
  • Noble's Winter Coat
  • Evening Blossom Garb
  • Firework Blossom Garb
  • Springsong Greenman Suit
  • Blackjack Yata Pirate Costume
  • True Blue Yata Costume
  • Devilish Temptation
  • Wedding Ball Attire
  • Ebonfur Cub
  • Goblin Glider
  • Ravenspine Wings
  • Careless Whisper Raiment
  • Flamewolves Hoodie

Retirement can be boring, so there's always a chance they come back in the future.

- The ArcheAge Team

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