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When will the gold choke end?

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A while back, cost to craft and regrade was doubled (roughly). While this is an understandable thing for a game to do, it went too far. Unless one has uber methods of gaining gold, they are at a complete loss. Unable to partake in the majority of game actions like crafting themselves a full set of gear or regrading beyond unique/celestial. This regrade event is great but lets be honest... only those with tons of gold are going to be able to take part. New players will not even be able to attempt a single regrade past celestial as just getting to celestial is going to take all of the gold they have managed to save.
Crafting an item up to a usable tier will also not happen within the first month of game play, that means it will take more than 8 months game play for the average new player to even have a set of usable gear.

Is this your intention Trion? How many new players in this heavily dwindling population of a game do you think will stay when they realize how much effort is needed to compete with the years old players? So far, I would venture an estimate of 1 stays for every 5 that leave.

Why not have some kind of gold bearing event WITH the regrade event? Let new players build their gold and steady players actually regrade items? 2k gold doesn't exactly go far with your current set prices on things.

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