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We're going to be putting up a DD server with custom maps that haven't yet been added to the big mappack. If you know of any maps that haven't been posted here at Unity, let us know so we can put them up and play them. Eventually everything will be added to the main mappack... probably after Trigger gets done beta testing his map. ;)


Oh, if you know of any DM maps, we need a link to them too, even if they won't be on the server.

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Well I've done some looking around unity, The site that shall not be named, and all the other major clan sites and to be quite frank the only maps that I've come up with that are new/completed and are not already on the UnityHQ map packs are these 4:


DD_Clubdead (remake) *there is a DM version already in the DM map pack, but apparently this year there was a new DD version released.




Sniper's World (I assume it's DM map)


and finally mine.


Anything else was either incomplete or the link to the file was no good anymore. Most of those where made at least a couple of years ago though. That's all I've got.



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Do you have links to them Trigger?


I have Spawn's club dead map already.

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DD_Clubdead (you said you have this already, so I won't post the link to "the site that will not be named" lol what joke :lol: )


DD_Uproar_at_UnityHQ: http://www.unityhq.net/pafiledb/pafiledb.p...nload&id=65


DM_Sniper's_World: Edit* New link: http://www.schwarzfischers.de/maxi/DM_Sniper'sWorld.zip





That's really all I've got guys. Anything else is either:


1)Already on the UHQ custom map packs


2)Incomplete or never finished


3)Links to the files are bad



...and if I missed any, that's only because the map makers were trying to hide them from public. So I hope that helped lol!

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I'd like to see one map though... I hope somebody know where it is now, lol.

It is called "Hopeless in Hong Kong" or something like that.

Really cool map, I saw it just once in a mappack for CJ.

I like it at first look, lol. So if anyone still have NOLF 2/CJ mappacks installed, can somebody look for it, please?

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