"Can only download four files at one time"

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So I was trying to redownload and reinstall the NOLF GOTY files to see if the mouse stutter and framerate fix works if I properly installed it on my current computer rather than moving the files directly from another (been using dgVoodoo2 and mouse smoothing in the meantime), but the files were interrupted mid-download twice, meaning they stopped at around 100 or so MB. I tried redownloading again, but due to the fact that the downloads weren't completed, now I can't download anything.


Is there any way to help? Thanks.

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The common theme with problems downloading the larger files usually arises from trying to download them all at once instead of one at a time. 



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I got rid of the downloads, but it's still giving me the "4 downloads at a time" issue. Want to try again one by one.


EDIT: Hmm, even now I'm unable to download. No matter what, even after clearing my download history, I'm still getting "4 downloads at a time".

Wonder if rebooting my computer will help.

EDIT 2: I was looking through a thread talking about the mouse fix and you mentioned you ran the game entirely fine in Windows 10 just through compatibility? What did you do to get it working perfectly?

The only way I can get it remotely smooth is dgVoodoo2 with mouse smoothing completely up, and even that isn't perfect.

FINAL EDIT: I want to try the multiplayer server launcher and see if that fixes the stuttering better, but again, I'm still running into the four downloads problem, even with rebooting my computer. Seems like it's a glitch with my account now. Can you have a look at it? Thank you.

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