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Grins' Guide to the Ram Meta

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Who needs cannons? Not you!

Shields! Shields! Shields!

Mythic Shields give 4% damage reduction each, so if ya got an Enoan, ya got 10 x 4 =20% reduction.
Put on that Tsunami for the nice spinny moves and the pulley moves, and then put on a Goddess Nui to counteract some of the health you're losing from your smacking. Add to it a nice Legendary Bloodsalt Beast buff, and you're rocking and ready to roll. Don't forget to get them mainsails for the extra rammin' damage. Double rigs if ya crazy or ya use the regular Bonekraal for da boost. Do I even need to remind ya to get the Ezi's Light?

What? You ain't go no 'noan? Well, strip your ship and get a runnin'.
The sea ain't for itty bitty ships like you.

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