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Grins' Guide to Runnin' Away Betta'

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So.... got a small warship? I might know a guy...

Double Mythic Growling sails, one mainsail and one foresail. Or if ya don't have the cash for the same grade of sails, get 1 legendary foresail and 1 mythic foresail. Ya gotta get that Windwinner buff.

Next, remove your figurehead. You don't need that, just extra weight. After that, remove your planks and your bonekraal decor. You won't be stayin' anywhere long enough ta need 'em.

Radar? Ya might as well keep it so ya know how far ya need ta run and when ya can come back.

Tactics: Run. Don't stop for nothin'. Ya lose a guy overboard? Leave 'em. Don't even stop to kill a lusca. KEEP MOVIN'. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.

Don't forget to wear your metal hat so they can't read yer mind.

P.S. Get Ezi's buff.

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