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Arg, I'm trying to rez my custom map and so far I've been unsuccessful at pulling off a rez map that the game will actually show on the mission list.


I rezed the map like so: C:\KNIX'S_RACEWAY\Tex\(all of my custom textures.dtx) and C:\KNIX'S_RACEWAY\Worlds\RetailMultiPlayer\(my .dat, .cfg, and my load screen pic.dtx)


I think my directory tree is correct, but what am I doing wrong??!! It says it's rezed and I place the .rez file in my custom/resources folder when I load the game.....so why can't I see the map in the missions list when trying to play it?????!!!!!!


Somebody please help!

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sounds right...


did u try:



then there's the 6 rez limit rule

<and is there a map number limit? move ur mappack temporarily>


included world properties object right?

yeah I know about the 6 rez limit rule; I only have my new map in my customs at the moment. I did include world properties object, it was the first node that I added to the map before I even started working on it.


I'll try restructuring my rez file again but something tells me I'm probably not going to get it to work. :lol:

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Nvm, I figured out the problem. I changed gamestartpoint settings, added some for DM mode and changed core piece to "true" for transition and that seemed to fix the problem.

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