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The "What did you learn today?" thread.

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Okay *cracks knuckles* Here's some not rules but more flaccid (lol flaccid, I know I'm kid) guidelines:


:mellow:- You can edit your posts as many times as you like (to change your comment on what other people have learned or if you've learned something better)


:mellow:- Your post must include something that you learned today. Which means something that you didn't know yesterday. So things that you already knew but had forgotten about don't count.


:mellow:- Each day starts at 12 midnight (your local time), after that you can start learning again.


:mellow:- Post something every day if you can (not matter how trivial), otherwise the theory is more or less debunked already.


Okay I guess that Will do for now as ''guidelines''. :blink:


Why you looking at me like that :blink: ....OH...right what did I learn today?


Well, I learn that you CAN drive to the north pole!



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Today I learned that there isn't always a tomorrow. Time flies by unnoticed until it suddenly stops and smacks you in the face when someone passes away and you're left behind with regrets.

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5 years. Is that bad?


I learned that the state park system in State College doesn't actually LIKE visitors. What's the point of having a state park if the public can't use it?

Word! Same is true with National Forrests, parks, etc......they try to make it so the general public can't enjoy it unless they walk in.

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It's about right, but then again, you live in Northern Belt so it's kinda early. Hopefully it's not leaking.


It prolly is. That would be par for the course. Heck I just spent $600 on my alternator the day I got back from vaca. Why wouldn't my AC have a leak to start out the hottest month of the year... :wacko:

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