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NOLF 2 Doomsday server up


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I've setup a nolf2 doomsday server.


I should have it running thru the weekend...


Mainly to test my connection and the system.


I'm currently working on a system for a dedicated server so I can leave it up 24/7.


As it stands I'm hosting this on my gaming system...



If you get a chance, please check it out and give me some feed back on how it does.

I'm tweaking as I go.


Server Name is: -UAK- Playground



Almost forgot to add, If you could let me know how many where playing at the time, and your average ping, it would help me figure out if there are any bottle necks, and whether or not I'm getting ripped off by the cable company!



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OK, I reset some stuff to default, if you tried it before and didn't like the setup...

you can now rest easy, it's just like every other server out there....


quick edit here: also the server is in Texas, I've noticed some from Europe with 150-180 ping.



(which all things considered, aint too bad, with the DSL I had before, I was getting 190-250 ping on SFI's DD server.... which just tells me that the dsl truly sucked.)

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