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Nolf1/2 soundtracks

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Anybody knows? and I don't mean just the game menu soundtracks, I want the gameplay ones too, I really like them, and I just wonder if anyone could give me a link on that, google is horrible, I barely find anything with it, I was up all night yesterday looking for it on stupid google. So please help....

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As far as I know there are no soundtracks available for the game and googling for them is just a waist of time. If you really want the music for your own personal use like a soundtrack CD or something, you'll have to download a program called WinRez and locate your Sound.rez file inside your NOLF2 directory, then extract the music/sound files that you want to your desktop or somewhere else. I assume the same applies for NOLF1, but I don't know anything about the files for that game. I warn you though, most of the in game music like Single Player ambient music is cut up into a crap load of small wave files like 7-16 seconds long, and put together (using a layering effect) they create the music you hear in the game. The reason they split it up into a whole bunch of little clips is because as I'm sure you've noticed the music theme can change at a moment's notice depending on what's going on in the game. So if you want to put them together to make an actual track, you'll probably need a program called ACID (not the drug, I'm serious!!!) that allows you to take multiple sound files and put them (so two clips are playing simultaneously at the right time) together so that the ends of the clips run on top of the next clip right to make it sound like it does in the game.


That is basically your best option if you want the game music playable. Sounds like a lot of work? It's either that or try to record a direct sound from your computer to a file by using a sound file creator that would record the computer sounds while you play the game w/o sound effects...but that's going to take a little bit of effort as well.


Hope that helped!

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