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New Crafting System

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Hello Trion, firstly I would like to say that I really love your game and your efforts to make it better is really appreciated. Though many bumps along the road your game still enchanting many hearts. Anyway your new crafting system was not so much appreciated as it seems to lose the richness of the game in name of simplification. Making things easier for gamers is not always what we expect from a rpg game. You take out all the magic from the game and make it something sterile. The visualization of the crafting UI (folio) got harder to see and just like Lineage 2 did, you may be killing a beautiful crafting system. Please I may suggest to make it magical and involving, for example getting the designs from mobs drops, what would raise the value of the crafting instead of just simplify to make it easier for people who doesn't really love to craft. Thank you and much love to you all. <3

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