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BigDataDude: Metallic Auroran Crate & Lost Metallic Crate BUGGED or INTENDED!?!

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That's not the point he making. I don't get why that is the part that stands out to you. That is his supporting fact, not his conclusion. Again there is a clear breakdown in communication here.At least two people so far have said that they would like to grind. One of them said that they believed the reason we lost people is bc they couldn't grind. He said he wanted to be able to work for his drops. I used to farm the ♥♥♥♥ out of library, and a few spots before that. I loved to grind in Wow and in DAoC. I wish that element was present still in AA. It's one thing that makes a game a game. Americans actually do enjoy the grind and find it fun. Some don't of course. But the option should be there.

no sure who "he" is or what part stood out to me. Care to give some context?

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