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(EU)(SHATIGON) Future server dictating guild is recruiting and wants your attention! Learn more!

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Hey you! Are you looking for something completely fresh? And are you looking for fun gaming while having success? Then learn more about us in the Following!
We are Shatigons new hope.
We are <Forgiven>

First the basic things: most of our activities are focused on PvP, although we accept people's will to PvE. We are English speaking but have players from all nationalities (mostly Spain and Germany). Also we are from Nuia.
Shatigon is coming back to old numbers recently since there is a lot of action happening. Guild fights between nuia, a huge player nation which is free farming and a huge geared nuia nation which isn't changing anything about the situation. Now we come into action. Our Guild <Forgiven> gained a lot of attention recently since it is a completely fresh guild which out of nowhere is going for content (DGS, Lusca, bosses and way more) and achieving success in it.
Ressources to take over are there. We've a enoan, an experienced leader, trustworthy allies ,average to good geared people and a good and respectful gaming community we just lack on the amount of people ATM!!! People are coming in from other nuian guilds and even from other servers to help reaching our "end goal" building a own player friendly nation. I play this game for long enough to understand the problems a server has if one complete nation or guild is taking over and i will prevent that from happening. Still Goal is to take over at a certain point and be the server dictating guild but not losing any kindness or will to share. Things the guild earns will be fairly Splitted to guild members (Loot etc).

To summarize:
You like the idea of seeing a underdog taking over the birthplace of pvp? You want to become more popular by helping with it? You want people talk about you with phrases like "This guy was a big Part in building <Forgivens> Empire"? Then we are the right place to go to.
And remember; all ressources are there to establish ourselves. Convince yourself and ride with our big Enoan to victory!

Your sincerely,

PS: You are welcomed to spam me with questions ;) either here or ingame under the name Izar

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