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BigDataDude: Metallic Auroran Crate & Lost Metallic Crate BUGGED or INTENDED!?!

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Thing is with that, while it may be possible that players in other regions farm more mobs and as a result get more crates in general than us, I don't think it affects the numbers as much as the droprate for the crates themselves. It is safe to assume that RU and KR region have at least 10x better droprate for metallic crates than us and thats exactly the issue. You don't even need to grind mobs to say that, just look at the ah numbers and compare.While on our Region we rarely get 1k crates per day sold, RU and KR auction house sells multiple tens of thousands, pretty sure thats not just because "they like mob farming better"

We are going in circles here

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The lunarite question was answered on the live stream. This data was gathered and passed to XL(some from this thread), XL looked and found the drop rate for crates we have didn't match other regions for whatever reason, and obviously we think it should. I can verify but I think the contents inside the crates and their drop rates matched we just didn't get the same number of crates for farming for like an hour, does that make sense?

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