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Huge nerf in Serpentis stone caves

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Is this included in the patch notes for 4.0?

This is what I got from 2 caves in Serpentis with 3000 labor and So Basalty title. They removed stones from nodes, they removed the chance to get 4 or 5 silver/stone/copper/etc. They replaced stones with iron in all nodes except anya. Anya ingots drop as before but stones never 4 or 5, only 1 - 3. Pictures bellow loot from 2 caves. This is TRION doing not XL doing, the nerfs and how much we get they've said it several times in their streams Trion is responsible for it.

Not even compensations just silence for all the ddos mess.

ps: One cave had only the silver/copper/etc nodes anya nodes are excluded from 1 cave. So the anya ore are from one cave.


this game goes from worse to worst and I believe they having fun with it.

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