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January daily login tracker a disapointment

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hello XLgames and Trion,

For months we players have been asking, begging and pleading for a better list of items in the daily log in tracker. Items that were not geared towards fresh start servers. well 5 or 6 twitch live feeds ago it was stated that in January the daily log in tracker would be different and we would all be excited. That the changes were already being put in place etc.

well, Im sad to say that I am disappointed. its another month of items for the fresh start servers which supposedly are no longer fresh start. @^o..

we have more xp tomes, gilda, regrade crates, etc, etc. about the same stuff we been acquiring every month for the past year.

then after 14 days we get yer 3 x tokens worth 200k xp each..

so when is the daily log in tracker change supposed to happen? because it didnt happen when celestrata said it would happen. An update on this topic would be nice..

thank you in advance

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