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Suggestions from an MMO rl girl gamer

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Before I give my suggestions I want to identify the problems I'm seeing with this game. These are all in my opinion. You may disagree if you choose to do so.

Problem #1
Low game populations

Problem #2
Weak story-line content developments

Problem #3
PvP imbalances

Problem #4
Crafting/trade imbalances

Problem #5
Weak community building mechanics

Problem #1 Low in population definitely has to do with the other problems I mentioned, players complain about the trade system, the RNG gear regrading system, the imbalance of PvP due to overpowered gear-scores mixing 3-4K GS with 8-9k GS, story-line content, and the general feeling that the veteran players get catered to more than the new guys who have just started.

Problem #2 I have played enough MMOs story-lines to say this game starts out with a good story-line video cut scenes for some of its action which is really cool/great but this loses momentum after the first few chapters and does not regain momentum. It also depends on in world events to finish some of the story-line and there are not enough players to do things like Kadum or even attempt with the current amount because of the low gear RNG problem.

Other MMOs i have played also reward a player with lasting effects for doing or completing a story-line that are worth getting, lets say special items, titles, or skills, that powerfully help the player in their future journeys. In other words rewards that do count and the rewards u get last and keep on helping.

This area is particularly weak, it is my overall impression, and I have been agreed with by those who have played even longer than me on the topic of story-line/lore.

Problem #3

PvP imbalance is just there. 3k gs vs 9k gs? Who is going to win that fight in open-world PvP? No matter how good the 3k gs is at strategy when he meets a 9k gs in 1v1 he's going to die. Gear accounts for too much of the PvP component in this game. Gear that when you craft is dependent on RNG for progress in regrade. This causes an extreme grind for new players. Older players already have their gear, newer players trying to make money to level gear without "swiping" or selling apex or other things through credits have it really rough.

Say a 9k GS goes to thieve a 3k GS in lets say Windscour Savannah, now there he is with all his hard-work, took him weeks to get and b/c that 9k GS has that much power he can instantly take the candy from the baby as it were. But you cant grow that fast without taking money usually from risky regions in order to catch up. But with that kind of imbalance, you will "definitely" lose more than you make. So why stay to play the game? If you cant catch up in gs - you can't play on even terms with the other PvPers. The other PvPers who are there are overpoweringly ahead and can easily suppress you in one or two hits.

When a handful of 7K GS can literally come in and wipe out an entire raid of 4k-5k GS you definitely know how much of imbalance is there- I have been witness to this too.

Problem #4

Crafting imbalance! Well its mostly gear related RNG stuff. If you had a straightforward gear progression instead of by chance gear progression, a-lot more people would probably stay and play at least for the PvP side of the game.

It is not very rewarding to blow up 1,500gold for one divine weapon. And by straightforward I mean, you get the scroll, you get x amount of golds, you regrade it goes up without failing or destruction on any level.

You have progressed on the gear stuff, but the main craft imbalance is RNG or by chance progression when applied to gear and component "regrades". When I say gear lets be clear too I mean weapons, armor, accessories , anything wearable by the character or pets/mounts and any component is anything now upgrade-able that doesn't equip onto ones character or pet/mounts.

The trade imbalance is influenced greatly by low population. There is no one making packs to spawn that many charcoal packs. There is also the PvP component which can get in the way here too, OP GS going after weaker ones before they can get normal land packs to the trade outlet to spawn cargo. Packs that would let them get more gold to progress quicker. No charcoal means no potions and pigments or ship components or building which holds progress down on many crafting areas.

Problem #5
Weak community building mechanics! This game has a-lot of ways to fight in it. Maybe - too many ways. One should be able to at least trust one's guild members'- you can't, they can purple you. You should be able to trust and work with your own nation, you cant, guilds can dom within nation and purple also.

If you have this much negative game mechanic you should try to balance it at least with good social mechanics. Mechanics that don't encourage drama and in-fighting which is what I see in all nations and communities. It's also another reason I feel people leave this game - is the community drama.

I feel the solution to the low population is to be found in addressing the other problems I have presented.

My solution for better story-lines is to possibly hire different or more story tellers, the story itself isn't that bad but after awhile it does not get immersive or that rewarding for playing along. You need more excitement here for sure, to push us the main character to save the day. You also could add in like I mentioned before rewards that really matter, stay with the character, and help later in story-line play but also forever as the character moves and grows in the world, lets say new skills, or over powered weapons- w/e get creative here, even new titles that have awesome stats. Also remove world-dependent events from story-line, game population should not get in the way ever but it will with your current set-up.

My solution for the crafting imbalance and PvP imbalance would be to remove RNG entirely and permanently and go with straightforward gear progression, one regrade, never failing or destroying on any level. This would rock your entire community for sure. Everyone would be hyping about trying to get their Erenor Eternals. It would also allow quicker closing of the gear score gaps that are very wide and very much pertinent.

In addition, to help with the trade aspect I would allow all characters to be able to switch on/off PvP mode while under the record gear score of 7k GS. Record meaning it doesn't matter if the 7k GS un-equips his gear and goes down to 0, his record was 7k GS so he cannot switch his PvP off. But the younger under geared players can travel in peace from risk zones and therefore make better gold, advance quicker without being set back and hence enjoy rewards of the game without being over powered and at 7k GS should be able to hold their own alone or together.

My solution for community building is this, you can have families and guilds which is nice.

There could be more, like marriages where one can get titles, buff, special rings and quests.

There could be an actual board where one can look for full-time mentors/mentees, not just a single dungeon but to play the game with a veteran who knows what they are doing and get pointers from more experienced players is always rewarding usually for both people but if the game gave quests/items that rewarded the relationship for as long as the two wanted it would also be nice.

There could also be events that if a nation completes could make the nation stronger. Say for example everyone pitch in to take down a huge monster in the city square and in return the statue buff becomes stronger for that nation.

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