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Gears of War

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Well I can proudly say that I have played Gears of War and completed it. I'm not even an Xbox fan, but my roommate bought a 360 a few months ago cheap and also bough Gears of War. I'm sure you've probably seen the commercials for the game on TV (assuming you watch any). I'm usually not impressed by Xbox or any of the other consoles very often, but I have to say I was flat out stunned by the awesomeness of this game. I give it four thumbs up (including the ones on my feet :) ) for all of the above. The graphics are some of the best and most detailed I've seen in actual gameplay (not just cut-scenes) on a console or PC in...well...ever! The game-play is new and original, made to be more realistic using cover-to-cover dodging rather than just running around hoping not to get hit. The last great element about this game is the storyline. A futuristic planet in ruins, full of these alien-like monsters called Locusts, which range from huge beasts to tiny ones. They have a huge network of underground tunnels completely destroying the planet. They can also burrow up to the surface at almost any given point at any time. The Cogs, which are the good guys, are trying to naturally find a way to destroy them completely. It's not an unheard of story to say the least, but if you play it through you'll see what I mean by it complimenting the game emensly. I encourage you all to play it if you ever have the opportunity.


Here's a link to the game's trailer/commercial that was showed on TV. It really doesn't tell you anything much about the game, but it gives you great visuals of what does happen throughout the game.


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