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Blue Salt Questline - Farm Cart

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I was doing the blue salt quest line where i got to the point to craft my farm cart.
I crafted the strong wheel from the quest, and the next step is to spawn the farm cart itself.
It didnt give me any materials, only a design and some eco fuel.
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Do i really need to buy thunderstruck tree and charcoal and polishes and what so ever?
If so, then it's really a ♥♥♥♥ty tutorial. Like it's telling me step by step how to buy a potion from merchant, but dont talk about thunderstrucks and charcoals? Or am i missing something?

I did it with 2 accounts. My main had already a farm cart, so i could progress the quest, but my alt doesnt have one. But i have a timed farm wagon, from achievement, maybe that broke the questline?
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