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A technical mistery?

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as I was playing NOLF last night and this afternoon... my ping was 258 at the us servers... on X-fire I saw the FEAR SFI Server that had that ping too... I ran a speed test and my speed was (at NY Server)

download: 3780 kb/s

upload: 1789 kb/s


I ask wtf is the reason of lagging then, cos it's not the servers... others have played there with no problem, since my conection to a NY server is fine aswell... wtf? :blink::(:angry:

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You lag because of your high ping!? 260 ms is not good. This has nothing (directly) to do with your transfer rate. Ping -> time a packet (rather small one prolly) takes to travel from client to host and back (so I think). Once the data flows the ping is merely a time delay. Think traffic shaping is usually done by the (very old and not very good) TCP -> transfer control protocol, which (hope I do not completely err here) also chooses the size of the IP packets and the frame/window size (don't ask), and THAT are important parameters when it comes to transfer rate.


In short, your ping suxX.

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In short... I am screwed! :blink: Thank you!


btw as you said window siz :D i think I may try s-t. :D ty! *muah!* ;)

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I understand your ping usually isn't that high? Well, then u got the problem some, including me, also had before. God knows what the problem is, usually traffic overload so your packet routing has changed. May be temporary (easter holidays etc.). Sit and wait I'd say...then again, I'm not the expert (that I should be, o how I love my job).

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Think I'm researchining sumtin in the field of communications. Or so. Don't ask, it's not interesting at all (this holds true for the whole field of engineering, despite some peeps saying otherwise). By the way the window size you'd have to increase is of course the cellar window of your grandma's house, unless she lives more than 10 miles away from you.

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