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Disappointment - 4.0

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With 4.0 you had finally some really good changes which would make Archeage more interesting.
To be able to play against other players on other servers isn’t a new feature (WoW) but something
which would bring fun back into the game.
Also with all your talking in the stream you changed, you want to do it right this time. I thought,
late but atleast. You had another chance to act like a professional game publisher after you did
so many mistakes in the past.

Sadly, you failed again.

You released a "content" patch which had two key features.
Server Cross Arena & a new Gem System.

To make it clear on the beginning. I understand a company need to earn money to survive.
Also it isn’t a secret that Christmas is one of the biggest way to push the income of the year.

Anyway, before anyone can say you can't test everything, let’s start.
  • Eco-Friendly Fuel - didn't work
  • Arena - gives you an afk tag after ~30 seconds
  • Crates- don't drop the right amount of lunarite

Well, the Eco-Friendly Fuel bug got fixed after one week. Maybe you noticed there are still two bugs
Pending which basically effecting the 4.0 key features.
Instead of fixing the Arena Timer Bug you just took the Cross Server function off which means we
are back to 3.5. Most people can’t Gem their gear because the drop rate doesn’t work like supposed
to. Don’t get me wrong – take your time with the crates, HoA feels like printing Gold at the moment.

What makes me so angry is the fact that you release again a patch without testing it on a professional
level. You brought only two new features which are not working 100%. One of those you took off on a
time were most of the players have some week’s free time and to make it worse you enable double
reward while you know won’t work.

I always try to understand Trion and XL why the act as they do as a company but honestly I just can’t.
If I would go one week before Christmas and start to patch servers of a customer which I not even
have really tested before and on top having already in mind I won’t be there the next two weeks in case
something goes wrong. All that just to get better numbers for the year 2017, oh dear – I wouldn’t.
I can say, you did really well with Rift, couldn’t say anything against how you did there. I guess it’s too
late but try to get a person which is able to lead projects/processes. You fail already on the basics how
to provide a service. A PLD could help you, seems like you never used one.

Anyway, you may ask know what I expect, not much. I would just like to get one question answered.

Can you go home and tell yourself – I did the best what I could do and I did a good job.

Still Merry Xmas everyone.

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