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"NOLF 2" Master Server Update, Thank You "Chris Miller", LOL !!!


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To The "NOLF Community",



As mentioned in Chris Millers Letter dated: "02-15-2007", fellow NOLFers

& Members of the "NOLF Community" are now aware that I have been

helping Chris in the background for a very long time.


One of the issues that I had asked Chris to help the "NOLF Community"

with lately, dealt with the problems with the "NOLF 2" Master Server.


For the last month I have been testing the "NOLF 2" Master Server

every day.


I wanted to see if things had gotten any better since I had asked Chris to help

the community.


Since he has gotten involved in trying to help fix the "NOLF 2" Master Server

issue for all of us, I have noticed a considerable difference.


As mentioned above, I started noticing this about a month ago when I started

to do daily testing of the connectability issues: speed & stability.


I now believe and can say without a doubt, that because of Chris Millers intervention

and help, The "NOLF 2" Master Server Issue Is Finally Solved!!! :wooo:


So to all of my fellow NOLFers, I am asking you now to please come and reply, to

let Chris know that you have noticed it also.


It would be nice if you let Chris know, and maybe tell him how thankful we all are

that he did get involved, to help with this long standing issue dealing with the

"NOLF 2" Master Server.


I am so glad that this issue with the "NOLF 2" Master Server is finally solved.



My very special thanks goes out to Chris Miller for continuing to believe in

and help The "NOLF Community" when he can. B)



Thank You Very Much Chris, It Is greatly appreciated !!!



Kudo's To You Chris !!! ;)




Take Good Care Of Yourselves and Your Families,



Your Friend In "NOLF 1 & 2, "CJ", & "F.E.A.R.", Always,








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It's great that you guys (Canada and Chris Miller) have taken charge and taken these problems seriously. Can I ask what exactly Chris Miller did to ensure the stable running of the master server?

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THANK YOU SO MUCH :D I used to have looong waiting time to connect to the masterserver, and now its fixed :D yaay thank you! :D :D

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To "{SFI}Natter",



I have just gone and checked the server, all games were checked.


Every Server that had "NOLFers" playing in it at the time, had their

names show up before joining as it should do.


Not one of the games servers did what you say they are doing, so

as far as I am concerned, everything is fine, there is nothing wrong

with the "NOLF 2 Server" at this time.


I am thinking that you might want to do some checking on your PC

Machine, as it is possible you might have an issue at this time, that

you are not aware of.


Good Luck in finding whatever it is on your machine that is causing

this issue.


The "NOLF 2 Server" is running perfectly, working as it should be

working as far as I am concerned !!!




Take Good Care Of Yourself and Your Family,



Your Friend In "NOLF 1 & 2, "CJ", & "F.E.A.R.", Always,








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I got that issue too :/ It shows an empty server in the list and after clicking on it, there are player nams.... Furthermore my ping blows into the sky on (only, phew) the american servers (e.g. ping 450-500).

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We are talking about dd.... lol ... I just had it again.

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