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Things that are killing the game.

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Hello I taught I would just drop a couple things of what I personally think have effected the game and servers, The huge loss of players and the reason new players just quit.

First things first, Player Nations - They have taken all the high gear players and put the mall together and then the remaining players on east and west are just being dominated at all events, Gear and gold is a free farm for them - Nations have lost 70% of the high geared players and this has totally made every server super unbalanced.

The changes to obsidian have totally ruined the gear to simply cloak a obsidian item costs roughly 2-3k and that's just to cloak the thing then you need to add of the mass amount of gold you need for the other mats, New players gearing up will not be able to do this and the free gear you hand out is awful.

The destruction of arenas - Cross server arenas made the game worth playing again as you can finally Que for arena because there are more people available but now its back to being server side only you cant find any.

Every patch comes with some BS that has not been tested fully and always has problems that cause mayhem the PTS needs to be fully tested for a minimum of a month before official launch to make sure bugs and other BS is found.

Just before anyone wants to cry to me about I'm mad because i cant get free easy gear my GS is 9148.

My issue is for the new people coming to try get involved and be viable - and the more geared players to be able to play the game without BS issues.

Dreamaway - Shatigon

GG Trion tell XL to sort it out.

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