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We want that match


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Fantastic game!

Why not two matches in DD Euro and US server, no pieces and completion over points. Highest score from the two matches wins.

What say ya?



Just to remember Butchermans idea for an US vs Euro match...

Sorry...2 matches

It's just not right to skip this funny idea for all bcs of one.

If someone is not amused by fun matches....why not stay out?

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Just make fair teams :S for everyone.




When you manage those teams, I'm in :P



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Maybe there is more interest if we

change the rules a bit?


How sounds this:


4 Euro + 4 USA vs 4 USA + 4 Euro


A real USA/Euro friendship match :)

Actualy that would be cool and more fun than the first idea. :D how about we do that? :)

P.S.: I do not care about fairness. :P

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