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Christmas Present from Christmas Quest Sock rewards... Nothing?

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So let me get this straight.

We get a Christmas event with its associated Christmas quests, and one such quest requires us to own a property, of which we hang a sock until it is 8pm in-game time, which then miraculously gets filled with a present.

Taking that present completes that particular Christmas quest, and we are awarded 1 event token that is exclusive to only this year (2017).

The present's description reads "Open this present to get a random prize." but upon opening, you get... nothing?

The first time I did it, I just thought it was a glitch and shrug it off, such things do happen in Archeage. But this has happened three times in a row, of which I got nothing.

Now, I am not expecting to receive more freebies but what irks me is that effort was spent from XL/Trion to develop and code a quest that is essentially and blatantly broken.

Not broken in a sense that it disrupts the game economy, or provides an OP benefit, but that this was a glaring example of wasting precious development bandwidth, that could be better used for actually creating new content that improves Archeage and make it more fun.

This better not be the case that someone forgot to attach a loot table to the Christmas present, otherwise this goes into yet another direct email rant to Jake Song about the ineptitude of his Archeage team.

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