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NOLF2 Join by IP Tool


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Having problems joining a server, because the master server is down again? You don't know how to use the .bat files? But you really want to play now? :)

Here is something you have waited for:


The NOLF2 1.4 Update Team presents:

The NOLF2 Join by IP Tool (Official BETA)


IPB Image

Note: The Alpha Version will be part of the 1.4 Update.. So stay tuned :P


DOWNLOAD: Join_by_IP.exe



- Join NOLF2 servers by their IPs

- Loads .txt files from any FTP server to join server without knowing the IP

(Note: Those files have to be updated manually so feel free to create your own and post your FTP download URL / config file)




Tool for Admins, who want to create their own .txt files:


IPB Image


DOWNLOAD: Upload_IPs.exe



- Create your own NOLF2 server/ip .txt files

- Upload them ;)


Known Bugs: May freeze if you enter wrong FTP server/password/username...



Current .txt file hosters: (for Join_by_IP.exe)



http://www.unityhq.net Downloads



Comments, bugs or whatever can be posted here or PM/E-Mail me :P

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yay jolly good job guys :D Go on with the update yay :D Id love to have that update :) If there is anything I can do.... :)

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