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Game Start/Connect Issue

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Hey there!

At the latest weekly maintenance (20 Dec 2017 ). I started having a problem. When I start Glyph > Press Play > Game window open up. I can see the Trion Worlds, Cry Engine and XL Games adverts after it i get faced with black screen and cant reaching the server selection screen for EU and game window automaticly closed . When i try to start and play at NA everything is clear and works very well but when i try to login EU i get black screen and i cant play my game at my main server. Im EU player and all the thing i have to do at EU waiting for me.

Im one of the invester of game, has paid real money for some high value packs, At last 2 days i cant play my game. My patron days are passing, labors might be hit and stuck at the limit 5000. Also there is my 140-150 trade packs waiting to be sold and in 2 days the packs will be gone.

I have sent ticket to support and replies coming day by day. There is no live support. If the problem might happen for both server it might be understandable but its only for EU, only for my main server.

The things i have done;
-Reinstall Glyph & Archeage ( Was cancer with low speed connection )
-Changed firewall settings
-Changed game settings
-Reupdate Glyph and Archeage
-Updated all the system drivers
-Changed system.cfg "DX9" to 11 , login_first_movie= 0 - 1

Problem still going on. Are there anyone had the same issue and how fix it? I have open this thread maybe i can get better help hand via forums.

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