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Server trick (tip)


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I get asked from time to time how do the SFI servers run so smoothly. People set up a server and it's choppy or laggy.


Nolf 2 doomsday is a resource intensive server but you can assist it with a neat trick.

I call it stacking the bandwith in favour of the server.


In your server.txt (or player.txt) you have bandwith setting variables


BandwidthClient = 3

BandwidthServer = 4

BandwidthServerCustom = 1000

BandwidthClientCustom = 600


Note how the values are higher for the server. This greatly assists in it's keeping up with 16 clients of various connection speeds (the above settings are the ones I use in the SFI DD Server)


another trick is setting the run speed to 140


You can do the same "trick" on Contract Jack servers as well


Stay tuned for more server tips to come

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