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Game Support -READ ME

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Just wanted everyone to know that members of this community are here to help with game issues. We can try to help you with your orignal games or files downloaded from our site. We unfortunately can't guarantee any assistance with media downloaded from other sites (for example nolfrevival.tk ) While I think it's great that they are introducing people to the NOLF2 game we have no idea what modifications they have done to the NOLF 2 software to make it work etc.

If you downloaded NOLF 2 from their site then we would recommend reaching out to their support team, assuming they have one. If they don't then we can try to help with their version of the program but we would recommend getting the media from our site if you are wanting us to assist you with getting it working.


Thanks for your understanding

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Additionally please do some basic troubleshooting or post about your issue. Do not report a bad download just because you are having an issue. 

Most issues start on the user end as our successful download number show that the downloads are solid on our end. 

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