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Please help: either need to stop loading screen freezing or require cheat/advice.

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Hello all, newbie here, not just to this forum but also the NOLF series as a whole. I recently began my very first playthroughs of all three games back-to-back and am now on the last one, Contract Jack. This is the (I believe) original UK CD release version of the game.

All started well enough: I'm currently on Mission 3, "Welcome to Czechoslovakia" and just acquired the prototype snowmobile. I set off, make the jump which ends that level and moves to the loading screen and then... nothing! I'm waiting for the next part to load up but the game just doesn't seem to want to move past the loading screen. Pressing Escape immediately returns me to the main menu so it doesn't seem that the game has frozen entirely but nothing I try will make the game progress any further by itself. I've tried both v1.0 and v1.1 with no difference.

Finally at the end of my tether I searched around for some cheat commands and decided to try the "maphole" cheat to manually load the next level. This actually worked but I'm now on foot with no snowmobile in sight. So then I found the "rosebud" cheat to spawn a snowmobile but it turns out this is the original NOLF vehicle and not the new weaponized version.


So I've tried everything I can think of, looked around to see if I could find anyone else mention the same issues as I'm having but there's just been no joy. So I would very much appreciate if anybody might please be able to advise on any of the following points:

1) Any tips to try on how to get the game past the stuck loading screen and legitimately load the next level?

2) Failing that, does anybody know of a cheat to spawn the weaponized version of the snowmobile?

3) Failing both of those, if I try using the original NOLF snowmobile which I am able to spawn, does anyone forsee any problems with doing this? I don't know what's coming up in this game but presumably most of you do. Is there any point in the upcoming levels where the snowmobile's weapon is essential and not having it will prevent me from progressing further, or should I be able to make do with what I've got? (Or indeed, might there be another weaponized snowmobile lying in wait somewhere that I'll find later?)


Really hoping somebody will be able to help here. I never had this issue with either of the NOLF's so am really frustrated by this one. Any assistance sincerely appreciated, many thanks in advance.

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I'll look into this for you this evening post the results for you.

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