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who does she look like?

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(JAG)Pity posted this picuture up on the jag forums and I figured i'd share it here.




My brother was coming back home this afternoon when suddenly his attention was called by this:

user posted image


the pic was taken with his mobile phone's cam but the girl is unmistakable though low quality.


for those who might care, the placard is a fast food advertisement and it says: roll+chips+drinks € 2,50

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ACK spy business must be slow now. Cate is hawking fastfood there

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Yup, but who would REALLY think about suing an italian fastfood for using Cate? Anyway, someone should steal this add and give it to the MOMA in New York.

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Actually, being a sign maker myself, I would place the blame on the sign company who designed it. I can just about guarantee that the fast food place didn't pick Cate to put on there. Most business just tell the sign company to "make it look good" and give them free reign on the design.

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