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Is there an advantage?


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I hear people talking about an advantage in which

character u play in DM


Smaller chars are harder to hit?...

The fat purple thingy.....easy to hit?

Hmm......not if Indy plays it




Theres a lot of discuss in which side to play in matches:


Ninjas try to fool us with their sexy outfit i heard... :drool1:

Agents in dark corners...invisible :ph34r:




So is there an advantage...or is it even :unsure:

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Hmm, dunno about the DM thingy, but when i used to play it alot, it was usually the players with armstrong who were easy kills and the harij using players who seemed to be unhitable...


No doubt about the second part! There is an advantage for one of the sides on every single map... Calcutta for example, being in the team that has the kiosk has an advantage since it is rly difficult to toss a nade in there, before getting killed by either that player hiding there, or his teammates waiting at another spot near that kiosk, or antarctic aggression! Although the blue team has more nanas and sleeping nades, red team has "right-leaning" corners in the long hallway in the tunnel (you are being less seen when leaning to the right than when leaning to the left (especially if u lean to the right on a leftleaning corner, haha)


Agents in dark corners.. invisible?? One might think so, but actually it's the ninjas which are harder to see in dark maps, since they wear a deep-red dress, which is very hard to differ from the dark ambience of japan for example.

If u dont believe me, try the custom map "Space Station" by spawn. You will see, that in the big hall in the middle of the map, ninjas are almost invisible with one of the walls in the background, agents are quite good to see there! :)

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Thanks Sugs....only one meaning?


So i suggest a Unity-match to clear this:


3 maps...no parts...only killing-score...


after first map we shake the teams like this:


the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th of the roster switch teams

then next map 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th switch


(Haha sure you can imagine what funny chaos we get :lol: )





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In DM the "old git" ...Haji or something...........he is difficult to hit


In Snowed in the dark raincoats can't be seen well at the sides.



btw. thats an evil suggestion for a match Natt ;)

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