Nolf Mouse stutter fix

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Hi, i just installed the fix for the mouse stutter for nolf

I was wondering if this also works for AVP2 which uses the lithtech engine as well

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Old post now, but I never had any issues with stutter on AVP2 once I simply ran it in windowed mode, so it should be fine.

I'm mainly bumping this thread because I was wondering if the mouse stutter and FPS fix only works if you have an installation of the game in your registry. I've recently transferred computers and my NOLF files aren't inside the registry. The game still works fine, though, because I'm using a no CD crack that launches it with no problem. However, installing the NOLFCompatFix.sdb file seems to not be working and the only thing that seems to mitigate the stutter is using dgVoodoo2 and then putting mouse smoothing to max. It's playable in this state, but I wonder if the dedicated fix is better, and also if I'm installing it wrong.


Thank you.

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