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Which part of the series is your favourite?


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  1. 1. Which part of the series is your favourite?

    • NOLF 1
    • NOLF 2
    • Contract Jack
    • NOLF 1 and NOLF 2
    • I love all of them!

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which Cate's adventure did you enjoy the most guys? I always play both games one after another so it's one long adventure for me. I think part 1 is longer but part 2 is more detailed graphics wise. They both have good features and I always enjoy re-playing it many times :)


What I miss from part 1 though is more of Unity. I wish there would be headquarters like in part 1 where you can return from time to time or whever you want to, not just to fight but maybe play mini-games or relax and maybe gain experience. I love Unity and all the characters! :lol:

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LOL! How about joining NOLF2-Multiplayer instead of re-playing it so often ;)


Anyways, back to topic!


If I had to judge by Singleplayer only, my choice would be NOLF1, no doubt! Longer story, many interesting locations... like the falling airplane, the train, the château at the end, the spacestation, the underground base in N/A, the rocketlaunching platform and many others + very much different tasks! And last but not least, way more weapons and funny tools! I miss the Braun Parabellum with silencer or without in NOLF2, the classical revolver with explosive ammo, no harpoon, no hampton mg, no dum-dum ammo...

But a Game mostly doesnt only have a Singleplayer, but a Multiplayer too! And that's where NOLF2 scores big time! Of many games i tried, i couldn't find anyone more interesting in online gaming then nolf2, some simply have a different engine, that make it weird to control (maybe only for those who have played nolf-series too much thou), others (like CJ) just miss nanas and all the tagging stuff, NOLF1 is only about jumping much and shooting/finding rockets the quicker possible in MP.. quite boring


So all in all: NOLF1 is without a doubt Nr.1 in Singleplayer, but NOLF2 is also without a doubt Nr.1 in Multiplayer! So i give it a "NOLF1 and NOLF2" vote. :)


CJ is just crap if u ask me, both, in Singleplayer and in Multiplayer.. no sneaking needed/possible, no real tasks apart from getting from spot a to spot b alive and bulletfights non-stop, and story is just way too short!


BTW: Your poll misses 2 options :P "NOLF1 and CJ" and "NOLF2 and CJ" .. but would be 0 votes anyways imo, so nvm ^^

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I totally loved the NOLF1 single player; would completely agree with Sugsen here.


Although, the NOLF2 multiplayer is much better in my opinion. I actually also liked the single players of NOLF2 and even CJ (it's a shooter... nothing else ;) ).

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For me it's NOLF 1 without question.

The humour is spot on, totally original and somehow you knew that script couldn't be bettered.

I also prefer the gameplay as there are some really tedious levels in NOLF 2, particularly in India which had me tearing my hair out at times, especially those irritating policemen trying to arrest Cate.

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For me it has to be NOLF 1. The humour mainly generated from very good scripted conversations.

I also personally think Kit Harris was better than Jen Taylor, had better voice characterisation.

NOLF 1 was better packaged, had free songs on disc 2 which nobody ever discussed.

NOLF 2 had RPG elements but didnt have the charm and charisma as the first game.

Conjact Jack was a major cop out by Monolith. They already had the game engine from the NOLF series.

Played it and was disapointed especially the end.

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