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Johnny LaRue

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After several months of hard work I am pleased to announce that my NOLF2 SP LEVEL : THE GROWOP is ready to play


You can check out screenshots here:




& You can download it here : http://hosted.filefront.com/JohnnyLaRue/


Make sure to download the GrowOPv1.0 as this is the most up to date version.


Enjoy the level & any feedback would be welcomed! Cheers







The GrowOP : Nolf 2 SP Level by Johnny LaRue (Jan 7/07)






Extract the GrowOp.rar file

you should get a GrowOp folder, put this folder into your NOLF2 \ Custom \ Mods directory (if you dont have a custom/mods directory you may have to create them).


e.g. NOLF2 \ Custom \ Mods \ GrowOp \ GrowOp.rez


now fire up the NOLF 2 Launcher , & hit the custom tab & there should be a listing for "GrowOp". Check the GrowOp slot & then run the game. Go into singleplayer , then chapter list , & you will see my mod on the list, select it & play! (**i made this mod with nolf2 v1.3)


**If you have played THIEF 2 before you should have no problem finding the hidden switches in my level. If you ever find yourself stuck, there are certain objects that can be activated to reveal secret areas**


Build Time: 6 months on & off


Special thanx



Monolith for making such a great game

The site that shall not be named.com, Tronfaq, Unity Hq, Spawnsite.net, Sparedlife.com, Wiky's Site & Coty's site


Thanx to Spared Life for letting me use his Cate Camo Skin.


My beta testers






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Looks like fun, Johnny! Thanks for posting about your Sp mission! I looked at the screenshots of your Tron maps... ever consider making a NOLF2 map that has a Tron look to it? Okay, maybe Cate getting sucked into the computer world isn't something that would ever happen in the NOLF2 universe, but it sure would be fun to play. :D


Oh, the link you provided for the screenshots isn't working, but by going to your main site it's pretty easy to navigate to the Grow Op screenies. Thanks again! :D

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Hey Belladonna


Ooops! Sorry about that. The link to get the screenshots is:





Now that you mention it, I did brainstorm about making a "Tron themed" Nolf2 Map a while back. I was going to make something along the lines that half of the map is spent in the real world & then you enter some H.A.R.M Portal that sends you into the tron digitized environment. It would involve some major importing of textures/sounds & I would attempt to have the Tron first person look in the digitized world as opposed to still having Cate's default FPS arms/guns. Needles to say it would be one hell of an undertaking!


I see you changed your avatar. That lauren bacall avatar you used to have was a real treat, she was a real fox back then. Her & Bogey were quite the couple.


I hope you enjoy the map,




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Great job Johnny. :) Had lotta fun playing it (and died several times). May I assume there's (at least :D) another mission coming up?


Mime, choose "Single Player", then you should see "Chapter list" as 3rd menu item.

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Like this?


Hmm... interesting :blink: .

Uhoh. Worst case would be that you never finished the NOLF SP Missions, so you don't see the chapter list at all.


*** Deleted blahblah about savegames since I reckon it won't help ***


EDIT: There's a registry key that indicates if you've ever finished the game. In case you know how to use "regedit":



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Monolith Productions\No One Lives Forever 2\1.0

you should see a key called "EndGame". Set this to value "1".

If it's not there create it (DWORD). Don't spoil your PC though!


Anything special in northern Michigan? Looked a bit dull to me... :D

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Wow, I guess you DID consider making a Tron kind of map for NOLF2, Johnny. Sounds like it'd be pretty cool, but yeah, also a bit of a pain to create. Oh well, maybe some day when you're really bored and looking for a challenge. :D


Yeah, I have my Winter avatar on. Lauren Bacall will be back again soon, though. I originally was going to use something with Gene Tierney but I came across a Lauren photo and forgot all about pretty Gene.

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Uhoh. Worst case would be that you never finished the NOLF SP Missions, so you don't see the chapter list at all. I'm not sure right now if it's enough to just finish one chaper to get it. Get a save game directory from some other mime and put it in yer own. There may be other workarounds though...


Ok, thanks. I indeed never finished the SP mode at this computer.


What's missing for the chapter list is this registry entry (found it in a savegame):


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Monolith Productions\No One Lives Forever 2\1.0]



Works now for me.

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Ah, I posted when you posted. Well have fun then.


I reckon Johnny should mention this in the readme!


Think it would be possible to create a file containing (without the asterisks) :


*****************************cut here************************************

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Monolith Productions\No One Lives Forever 2\1.0]


*****************************end cut**************************************


and calling it Nolf2EndGameHaXx.reg using the text editor. Then doubleclicking it and clicking "Yes I will".

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Discomime, my apolgies man, I assumed that any sort of save would enable the chapterlist but I was mistaken. I wonder if anyone else had this problem? Thanx Alexa for giving Discomime the heads up. I will update my readme & include a .reg file.


The idea for Northern Michigan was just to add to the "tongue in cheek" theme of my map. I didnt want to specify what town/city incase someone was from there. :D I have done some kayaking up there off of Lake Huron & its actually quite scenic.


Alexa, i am glad you enjoyed the map, If you had a chance to browse my webpage there was another sp level I was working on but I shelved it several months ago. It is called "Better Red Than Dead". I plan on revamping/improving it in the next month. The level construction itself is pretty much complete, I just have to clean up some of my geometry & tweak the AI & dynamic lights.





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Seen your page and that russian SP mission. Was wondering why it was no. 1 but no DL available (right, I saw it was called beta). So clean up your geometry. :D


You should also include instructions on how to start your mission via the chapter list. First thing for me with the mod turned on was to start a new SP mission. I like the mission being the last one in the chapter list though.


And by the way, who else than a mime would NOT have played the SP missions!.!!.!?

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And by the way, who else than a mime would NOT have played the SP missions!.!!.!?


Hey, I played it - like NOLF1 and CJ! Alone and together with Heatman hosted as Co-Op mission... but not at this computer :P (and even parts of TRON2.0 - but found it a little boring after some time).

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Thanks for all of your compliments folks! Like I told Alexa a couple posts above, i have another SP map in the making so stay tuned!


JLAR :eekout:



B) coolness

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To "Johnny LaRue",



I have just finished playing your new Single Player Level

for "NOLF 2".


I just wanted you to know how much I really appreciated

you doing this for the "NOLF Community" and what a

fantastic job you have done.


It was great, and of course a lot of fun to play, lots of

secrets, thank you for also adding a walkthrough, it

really did help in some places.


You should be up for an "ODIE AWARD" this year, you

sure deserve it, first SP Level for "NOLF 2".


If you haven't played "Johnny LaRue's" new SP Level

for "NOLF 2", what are you waiting for, go download

it right now and play it, it is well worth the download,

believe me.


Keep up the great work you do for the "NOLF Community",

it is really appreciated !!! ;)


Fantastic Job, Well Done !!! :wooo:


Kudo's to you "Johnny LaRue" !!! B)



Take Good Care Of Yourself and Your Family,



Your Friend In "NOLF 1 & 2, CJ, & F.E.A.R.", Always,









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