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Please don't post if you're post isn't going to be helpful to the situation. 

I will remove such posts.  

To the person whose post I removed. Eliteone even created a Patreon account cause you said you couldn't use paypal and had requested that a Patreon account be setup so you could pitch in. 

The Patreon account is still empty with no patrons a month later. 

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Please post constructive content for the discussion. I get that some are either unable to contribute or for some reason unwilling. The latter is unfortunate if our site has helped you enjoy the NOLF games in any way over the years. 

To be candid I've been running this site since 2004. I've enjoyed doing my part to keep these games alive. 

I am though at a point of where the stress of trying to make this a "community" sustained endeavour doesn't make me look forward to keeping up on the site maintenance etc. 

Some of the community management have been coming down a bit harder it than I would though.  

Just wanted to clear that up a bit. 

Merry Christmas eve and Merry Christmas all. 

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