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Graphic Problem


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I have graphic problem with The Operative: NOLF.

When I bought this game, the problem didn't exist. I had, long after, to reinstall Windows due to some problems I had. After installing the game again in the new system, the problem first happened. Again, long after, a new Windows; no problem with the game. Now, after the final reformatting of my computer, the problem is back! It should be noted that the computer hardware was never changed during the reformations, and the operative system installed was allways Win XP.

Now, I'll proceed to explain the problem: In the cutscenes, the right end of the screen ignores the widescreen black lines, so I get a line of no widescreen. That is annoying by itself, but the cuscenes also happen to be skipped sometimes. Also, I cannot turn the flashlight underwater (which is specially crucial in "The Dive"), beacuse it causes all textures to dissapear, unless I restart the game. I can't save a game with no name (which only happens if I get distracted), because if I try to load it, or any other game for that matter, the game crashes. I have to go to the "Saves" folder and delete the slot.

There might be something else; I don't remember right now.

My graphic card is a S3 ProSavage DRR, but I don't think the problem comes form there, beacuse I've had time in which the game worked just fine.

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have you updated the drivers for your video card?


reformatting your hd will roll back your drivers to what they were out of the box.


shouldn't have to reformat the entire drive. In XP use the device manager to check the driver version and perform a rollback.


I'd run the game in compatibility mode. to do this visit this link from Microsoft for the details how to.



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oh sorry. i wasn't telling him to reformat his hd to roll back his drivers. i meant to say that reformatting your hd rolls back your driver; which could be whats causing him to have issues with the game (since he mentioned how the problem came up after a reformat)


try updating your drivers.

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