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New Weapon, Ammo and Sound Mod


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Hey! I'm just kinda new into moding, so i made a few changes to the game.


Everybody who is interested might download the latest version of it from http://hosted.filefront.com/suglylinni/

It's test21.rez at the moment


It contains following changes:


-Sniper Rifle replaced by Bacalov Corrector (still looking like the normal sniper rifle, but shooting with explosive ammo)

-Tracking-device ammo for utility launcher replaced by "oil-bomb" ammo (Ammo that makes enemy slip like on a banana when he gets hit with it, no new special effects added for "oil bomb" though, e.g. no oil-slick visible or something similar )

-Kitty still detonates but not "explosive" but with "acid-gas" like from the acid-gas grenade and with quite a huge damage radius



-"Different" sound when firing the bacalov corrector (different to the default sniper-rifle sound) :D

- New "radio" commands (those like "somebody revive me", "charge!" a.s.o.)


Furthermore a few changes to the skillsettings in coop (you may now have full skills when playing co-op, but you'll have to leave one at zero though, but it'll still be like u had full skills (although it's at zero))



Hope you like it though :)

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Screenshots? :)


Uh? What shall i show you? :blink: There are no new skins only a few weapons and ammo has changed. I could only show you the text while picking up a (former) sniper rifle saying "Bacalov Corrector" now, "Napalm Inferno Kitty" when picking up a kitty and "Oil Bomb" when picking up, what was "tracking device" earlier (with a different symbol of course now too) ...


What i could do, is a short fraps movie-clip showing you all the changes, but isn't it easier just to check on your own? :lol:


Edit: But well yeah, i could give you a screenshot of how it should look like when spending the skill points in coop :)




Leave "Search" at "novice" and u will still have full "master" skills in that category, same with the others that are at "master" (of course)

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LOL, those are only textchanges, but though i'm sure i could replace the picture of "Abigail" in that Arctic-Map, the picture of "Armstrong squeezing out a pimple" in the map where u meet the mimes for the first time, or any other picture shown during the game and replace it with one of yours from the famous "Freak Show" :P

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