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"Traceable Traffic" or "Hit and Miss"?


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Whee, I got to push the New Topic button!


Anyway... having slipped out of the NOLF2 scene, I do get that impulse need-to-play feeling now and then. Unfortunately, 9 of the 10 times I slip in the CD and cruise to the servers I'm greeted with emptiness. I know it takes one player to start, but impatience seems to be bred pretty solid into me.


Are there any particular days of the week and/or time of the day when games generally start up, or is it just sort of a stumble in the dark routine?

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Koyuki!!! It's so great to see you again! :lol:


Like Caip said, it's usually busy in the late afternoons (eastern time) when all the Euros are home from school/work and are playing. Later in the evening it's generally just a couple of die hard DM players around. That used to be the time that I played, but like you said, it's boring sitting in an empty server tagging the place alone in the hopes that someone will show up. I'll try to show up a little more in the evenings again, though, since giving up isn't the way to go either.

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omg...its Koyuki.............get yourself in the servers about 6.00pm GMT..........look forward to fragging wid you again.

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Ah, that's explains it. Things die down around the time I get home from work, since it's when everyone across the waters is off to bed. Darn time zone barrier. :huh:


Well, I suppose I could use the weekend to satisfy that craving now and again.

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